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 (Click link below for desired car class examples, more to be added)

BRM Porsche & Toyota (1/24 scale)

IMSA Group 5, 1976-1982

IMSA Group 5, 1976-1982 (Excluding Racer Cars)

Selected 1950's Sportscars

Selected 1950's/1960's Sportscars

Selected Carrera GT

Selected Carrera DTM

Fly March 761 Vintage Grand Prix

Selected Fly/Scalextric 1960's LeMans

Fly Daytona Prototype

Selected LeMans GT2/GTS 1995-2000

Selected LeMans GT1/GTP 1997-2004

Selected 1970's Fly LeMans Classic

Selected 1970's Fly/Flyslot LeMans

Selected Fly LMP

Selected Fly GT Front Motor

Fly Lotus 78 and Williams FW07

Fly Porsche 908/3 and Fly Chevron

Selected Fly/GB Track Porsche 908/3, Porsche 917 Spyder, Chevron

Selected Fly and Sloter Open Cockpit

Scale Auto GT (1/24 Scale)

Selected Scalextric Formula 1, 2005-2010

Scalextric Gurney Eagle-Weslake/Lotus 49/Lotus 72E/Tyrrell Vintage F1

Selected Scalextric GT (Sidewinder, Inline, Front Motor)

Selected Scalextric GT, Sidewinder Only

Selected Scalextric JGTC

Selected Scalextric GT & JGTC

Selected Scalextric LMP

Selected Scalextric Vintage TransAm

Scalextric Mini Cooper

Selected Scalextric GT & TransAm

Selected SCX GT

Selected SCX GT (w/Seat Cupra & Toledo)


SCX NASCAR, (excluding SCX Pro)

SCX NASCAR, (Including SCX Pro)

Selected Slot.IT & NSR LeMans Classic

Selected Slot.IT LeMans Classic

Slot.IT Group C



Selected 1967-1973 CanAm Mosport

Selected Ninco & NSR 997, Mosler, Corvette C6R, Audi R8

Selected Multi-mfg. Current GT3

Selected Multi-mfg. GT3/GT

Selected Multi-mfg. F1, 1990 - Current

Selected Multi-mfg GT1/"Exotic GT"

Selected Multi-Mfg. LeMans GT2 and GTS 1995 - 2000

Selected Multi-Mfg. LMP 1996-2000

Selected Multi-Mfg. LMP 2004 - 2009

Selected Multi-Mfg. LMP 2009 - 2012

Selected Multi-Mfg. 1970's/1980/s Vintage GP

Selected Multi-Mfg. NASCAR

Selected NSR/Slot.IT/Thunderslot LeMans Classic

FIA GT1 2010 Season

FIA GT3 2010 Season

Monogram Grand National

NSR Mosler


NSR GT (Excluding Mosler) 

NSR 1970's LeMans Classic (Porsche & Ford)

Ninco DTM

Ninco Mosler

Ninci Porsche 997

Ninco 1950's/1960's Classic

Ninco Megane Anglewinder, No Pod

Ninco Megane Inline

Ninco Megane Anglewinder, With Pod

Ninco Xlot

Selected Ninco GT Anglewinder

Selected Ninco JGTC

Selected Ninco GT and JGTC

Selected Racer Resin

Selected 1972 Interserie Hockenheim (similar to CanAm)

Selected Multi-mfg. DTM/Touring

Selected Multi-mfg. TransAm (Scalextric/Pioneer/SCX)

Selected 2010 Spanish Int'l GT Open Valencia

Sideways Group 5

Sideways Daytona Prototype

Sideways DP & Ninco Porsche 997 (grouped by lanes)

Vanquish CanAm & Ford Mirage