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Friday 10/18/2013

Carl Bergen's Scalextric Track, Red Bank, NJ

 Track open for practice 7pm, racing to start 8:30pm


RACES TO BE RUN AT 12 volts unless otherwise indicated.

1st Race: Series: Vanquish CanAm and Ford Mirage. No magnet, weight inside chassis, any wheels, any black super tires,  22k RPM maximum motor RPM. Otherwise club superstock rules apply.  Click here for example pictures of eligible cars.

2nd RaceRacer Sideways Group 5.   No magnet, weight inside chassis only.  Stock 20.5k Flat-6 motor, stock wheels, stock pinion, any Slot.IT anglewinder gears,  any Super Tires silicone tires.  Otherwise Sideways Group 5 N. America Championship rules apply.  Click here for example pictures of eligible cars.