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Friday 2/16/2018

Paul Pearlman's Scalextric Sport Track, Edison, NJ

 Track open for practice 7:00pm, racing to start NO EARLIER than 8:30pm

RACES TO BE RUN AT 12 volts unless otherwise indicated. 

1st Race: Series, Scalextric Vintage TransAm, 21.5k RPM Motors

Piranha or Slot.IT Orange endbell motors, sidewinder. Any front wheels, any front tires. Any rear wheels with Super Tires or Quick Slicks. Any Slot.IT gears. Weight allowed, inside chassis. May sand chassis edges for body float; gap between chassis and body edges cannot allow standard credit card to fit into that space. Otherwise GTSLOTS N.A. Finals rules apply, click here for those rules.

2nd RaceLeMans GT1/GTP 1997-2004
21.5k maximum motor RPM.  Any gears, any wheels, any motor pod.  Quick Slicks or silicone tires on the rear.  Otherwise club superstock rules apply.