For the 2011-2012 season, the NJ Metro Slotcars club officers communicated a goal of DRASTICALLY reducing track calls. We want to reward those that stay in the slot, provide incentive for more careful driving, and as a result, have smoother, more fair races. We anticipate the biggest obstacle will be our own patience.

When we deslot and have to wait for a marshall to re-slot our cars, sometimes with a grabber; previously this may have been a track call. I know that in the 'heat of the action' we can get excited and yell at a marshall to hurry up, but please remember as indicated in our club's description on the Yahoo Group home page...we're trying to balance fun and competition.

TRACK OWNERS: It's your responsibility to work with club officers to designate the MINIMAL track call areas prior to your hosted race. Ideally, there should be zero track calls, but for now we'll work to keep it down to 1 or two. Typically main straight, and if under an overpass, if applicable. You should also ensure you have enough grabbers on hand if needed to effectivly marshall.

DE-SLOTTED DRIVERS: If a marshall doesn't put your car back in the slot as fast as you'd like them to, there are worse things in the world. The quicker you dismiss that event the quicker you get your driving rhythm back; staying upsaet won't help in any way. Also, try not to squeeze the controller trigger until the car is back in the slot, it could result in another deslot, or could damage the car.

DRIVERS STILL RUNNING: Slow down if you see a deslotted car in your path. Remember, slamming into another racer's car is disrespectful, and can damage your car as well.

MARSHALLS: please try not to rush to the point of fouling up the car's braids, or otherwise negatively affecting the car. Primary objectives are to re-slot the car in the correct lane, and minimize impact on other cars already running in their lanes. Marshalls should let traffic pass if needed, then accurately put the car in the slot, as close to where it came out as possible. DO NOT give extra sections if you or the driver feel you took too long. Remember: club policy and officers will back you up if/when driver abuse results from you doing your best to re-slot cars. So this should be incentive to not rush, and carefully re-slot cars when needed.

TRACK CALL "BUTTON" OPERATOR: Look for cars deslotted in designated track call areas; try not to focus specific battles during the race. Ask to confirm track call areas if needed prior to race. If in doubt, DO NOT stop race until club officer or their designee confirms track call area.

ALL: If you get upset about any of the above, which can happen in the 'heat of the action', try to move on from that asap so you can focus on getting back to racing. The impact of this policy in our 2011-2012 series has shown positive results, and it's anticipated to continue in future seasons.  Again, please exercise patience with each other, and we'll meet the goal of having smoother, fairer races, while minimizing some unnecessary delays, and being more careful drivers and marshalls.