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As of 02/26/15


*** Club owned Spec motors to be run for series races (initially handout H&R Hawk 18k).  Motors to be returned at race end. 


1.  Classes below are all to be run without traction magnets; magnet racing rules to be called for specific races if desired by host and approved by Club Officers.
2,  One car must not draw more amperage than the amount power supply provides divided by number of lanes.
3.  Car maximum width is such that no part of car extends to within .1" of the center point of a straight track section's width.  Specific widths for each manufacturer track in the group to be published.
4.  Car maximum height must be such that it will pass through all underpasses on hosting track.
5.  No wheel/tire must not extend beyond body's wheel well by more than .040"
6.  Unless otherwise declared in rules for a specific race, any amount of weight may be used
7.  If used, weight must be secured in a manner where it will not separate from car.
8.  If not stated otherwise for specific race, chassis clearance must be minimum .040" from a flat surface.
9.  If lead weight is used on bottom of chassis, it must be covered by non-conductive material and meet track clearance specifications. Note: most commercial raceways and club tracks require weight to be inside the car.
10.  Weight MUST NOT add to length, width or height of car, nor can it be attached to outside of body
11.  Car must start race with factory included stock spoiler(s) attached
12.  If other than stock, allowed tires will be declared within rules for a specific race by host.
13. Car must have four wheels and tires at all times, otherwise must pit at first opportunity to repair under green.
14. Motor maximum magnetic downforce not to exceed 35 grams measured in chassis w/tires mounted
15. Other than oil and grease, no chemicals/liquids can be applied to any part of the car's motor
16. Motor's original wrapper or tampo-printed RPM and/or torque ratings, if offered by mfg., must be readible
17. Slotcarnews' motor RPM/Torque ratings to be used to declare eligible motors where RPM/torque ranges are specified.  The higher of the published mfg. ratings vs. tested values to be used.  Click here for the motor ratings list.


STOCK:  (Car must be run as it came from original packaging, replacement parts can only be same as what came with original packaging, specific modifications below can be made with intent to correct manufacturing defects)


1.  Sanding of tires allowed, intended to true non-round tires.  Both front tires must touch flat straight section of track or tech block.
2.  Adding spacers to rear axle to reduce excess lateral movement of axle/gear/wheel assembly
3.  Gluing of original interior or exterior components to restore original condition/position
4.  Gluing of motor shaft bushings or wheel bushings
5.  Replace plastic axle bearings with brass bearings. Note: ball-race bearings of any sort are specifically not allowed in stock class.
6.  Gluing of hubs on original axle
7.  Gluing of stock tires on original hubs

SUPER STOCK: (Specific modifications to Stock allowed to increase car performance at minimal cost)

1.  Any mfg. guide, braid  wire, spacers, screws, eyelets, and bushings can be used as long as chassis is not modified.
2.  Spacer(s) up to .030" can be added to any body mount post to clear tires.
3.  Guide can be shaved if track depth is too shallow (for example: Carrera guide on Scalextric Sport R1 curves)
4.  Guide spring may be disabled or removed.
5. Third party wheels (hubs) may be used
6.  Any gears can be used
7.  Lights can be added to cars if not already installed.  Front light cannot be red; rear lights should be red.
8.  Glue or tape can be used to secure motors, motor shaft bushings, wheel bushings, and lead wires.  Use of a "removable glue" such as hot glue or Goo/Shoe Goo/Goop is encouraged for these areas to minimize potential damage to plastic parts
9. Electronics such as noise suppressors and/or direction reversing switches can be removed/disabled.

MODIFIED: (under development;  cars to be raced with rules including, yet exceeding Super Stock)

1. Spacer(s) allowed to shim guide lower into the slot.
2. Motor restrictions (RPM/Torque maximum ratings, etc.) to be declared within specific race rules
3. Minimum chassis modifications to be declared within specific race rules
4. Ball bearings allowed.