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 As of 8/25/15


President:  Manage club; including external written publicity.  Post and manage race results; setup heats pre-race; Initiate voting where needed; break ties in votes where needed, delegate tasks and roles to other members.  

On 12/7/09 Robert Holt nominated as President, motion seconded, Robert accepted.  Re-elected 8/12/11 for 2 year term.

On 9/3/13 Robert Holt re-elected as President for 2 year term, expiring 8/31/15.

Vice President: Assist President where needed, and act on President's behalf when not available.

On 12/7/09 Mario Baskin nominated as Vice President, motion seconded, Mario accepted.  Re-elected 8/12/11 for 2 year term.  On 9/14/12, Paul Pearlman appointed by Robert Holt to complete this term, as Mario's work schedule prohibited him from activity in this role. 

On 9/3/13 Mario Baskin elected as Vice-President for 2 year term, expiring 8/31/15.

Treasurer:  Manage club funds, report on status, follow up on membership dues/race fees owed.

On 12/7/09 Sandy Walden nominated as Treasurer, motion seconded, Sandy accepted.  Re-elected 8/12/11 for 2 year term.   Re-elected 8/12/11 for 2 year term.  On 9/14/12, Jeff Young appointed by Robert Holt to complete this term, as Sandy's work schedule prohibited him from activity in this role.   On 3/6/13, Jeff Young resigned as Treasurer.  On 3/7/13, Don Wormley accepted role as Treasurer.

On 9/3/13 Paul Pearlman elected as Treasurer for 2 year term, expiring 8/31/15.

In addition to above responsibilities, Club Officers are to enforce rules, assist in observation that host's property/environment is respected, and ensure cars in tech are not compromised.

Club Officer Voting Process:

Officer terms are for two years, and expire end of the day August 31.  Officer elections are held within a month prior to expiration of existing officer terms during an election year.  At this time, the "Survey Monkey" system will be used to conduct elections.

At election conclusion, if there's a tie vote for either position, a 2-day run-off election will declare a winner. If there are candidates that win multiple positions in a single election, the current club President will conact the winner to ask which office they accept. Once the choice is made, a 2-day run-off election will be held for the vacant position(s).  New officers begin their term September 1 of the election year. 


1. Race season starts in September, concludes end of May; may be extended slightly due to re-scheduled races.
2. Race dates scheduled per quarter (locations may be "TBD")
3. Typically 2 races run per race date:  the series points race scored for end of season awards, and a track owner selected race.
4. Membership is open to anyone who agrees to abide by NJ Metro Slotcars rules. 
5. $10 member dues per season, due by quarter end; payment constitutes agreement to abide by club rules.
6. $1 fee per race date (not per race)
7. Guests do not pay membership dues, nor do they pay fee for first race date attended; but must pay $1 race date fee thereafter.
8. Guests are not eligible for grab bags/trophies/prizes
9. A member becomes an "Active Member" after attending at least 50% of races in two consecutive COMPLETED series; status reviewed annually.
10. "Active Member" status of track owner, and club officer track review required to add new track to club schedule.
11. Officers' track review consists primarily of ensuring track has proper power, lap counting, visibility, marshallability, etc.  Track owner, with assistance from club officer(s), will determine designated areas on track for MINIMAL track calls.  Ideally, only track calls should be on main straight, under an overpass (if applicable), or if/when car(s) exit track and land on floor.  Otherwise, marshalls should take their time to re-slot deslotted cars, minimizing disturbance to cars still running.  Drivers must be patient with marshalls re-slotting their cars.  For more details on this policy, click here. (separate window will open)
12. Track owner's race can be called with modification of standard car class rules, such as "Stock With Silicones" or "SuperStock With Any Motor".  Or track owner can call a race class that has not yet been run;  however calling a race  where 1/2 or more of members do not have cars meeting the class should be avoided.  See Race Schedule for details on class rules for a specific date's race.
13. Track owners are responsibile for scheduling their 2nd race at least 1 month in advance.
14. Club funds to be used for trophies (top 3 series finishers) and grab bags (all members).  Treasurer will provide Fund status
15. Multiple race series will be run per season, cumulative points go toward end of year trophies.
16. Rules to be reviewed monthly for suggestions on changes.  Rules voting to be held February and at end of season, only those achieving "Active Member" status can vote.  Only Race Format and Car Specification rules are voted on by Active Members.  Club Policy shall be determined by club officers.
17. Items purchased by the club with club dues/fees become club property, not the property of any individual.  These items may be sold only if agreed upon by a majority decision in a club vote of Active Members.
18. Next series class candidates are to be voted upon around midpoint of current series.  At end of current season, the next season's Series race class candidates are to be voted on by club Active Members.
19.To reiterate from the description in our Yahoo Group page: The NJ Metro Slotcar Club was formed to provide a race environment where fun and competition can peacefully coexist within a structure designed to keep things fair.  As such, club policy will be implemented and modified to help achieve and maintain this goal.  Car class and race format rule changes voted on by membership must also support this goal.

Race participants must remember they are invited guests at the racing venues and should behave accordingly.  Offensive behavior and/or unsportsmanlike conduct is not appropriate, and driver penalties/disqualifications may be the result based on judgement of club officers.