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The NJ Metro Slotcars Club racing season starts in September, and ends in June.  On each date below two races will be held.  First race will be part of an ongoing series, with points awarded leading to end of season awards.  Cars in the series race will either have handout motors, an RPM check, or other pre-race tech inspection.  Details will be in the specific series' rules description.  The second race will be a non-points race using a car class of the track owner's choice. 

Periodically there will be scheduled a "Tuning/Driving Tips Day".  On these days, no formal race is scheduled.  A track owner will host a 2-3 hour session focused on assisting any member who wishes assistance with car building/tuning, or driving tips/techniques.  Informal racing may occur during these sessions, but priority is to assist members as indicated above.



1/26/2018 - 2/23/2018

Scalextric Vintage TransAm 

Piranha or Slot.IT Orange endbell motors, sidewinder. Any front wheels, any front tires. Any rear wheels with Super Tires or Quick Slicks. Any Slot.IT gears. Weight allowed, inside chassis. May sand chassis edges for body float; gap between chassis and body edges cannot allow standard credit card to fit into that space. Otherwise GTSLOTS N.A. Finals rules apply.

2/16/18 - Paul Pearlman, LeMans GT1/GTP 1997-2004 


3/2/2018 - 4/6/2018

Revoslot Porsche GT2

Stock 21k motor, anglewinder. Stock front wheels and tires, can glue and true front tires. Quick Slicks only on stock rear wheels. Stock cluster gear, any 12T pinion gear. Any braid, stock guide/motor lead wire/eyelets/grub screws.  No weight allowed. Front wheel track must not exceed 62mm+ Rear track 63mm. Motor wires maybe taped or hot glued to stay off front axle. If its not mentioned in this paragraph it is not legal. 

3/09/18 - Location and 2nd Race Class TBA
3/16/18 - Don Wormley's Scalextric Track, 2nd Race Class TBA
3/23/18 - Location and 2nd Race Class TBA 
3/30/18 - NO RACING -  Passover / Good Friday 
4/06/18 - Bob Pomann's Scalextric Track, 2nd Race Class TBA

Non-Club Races 

Penn-Jersey Racing Series  (9/23/17 - 4/28/18)

Click link above for details